On this page we’ll explain a bit more about airsoft, our replica upgrades and the technical knowledge around it.

First things first, what is airsoft?

Airsoft is a combat simulation sport where two or more teams compete against each other to accomplish mission (s). Airsoft uses 1: 1 replicas of existing weapons. These weapons are called replicas or AEG (Automatic Electric Guns). There is an extensive range of replicas for the players. This variation ranges from a small fist firearm to machine guns and sniper rifles. In most cases, a replica can be obtained for airsoft for almost every real steel weapon.

Airsoft is played with biodegradable balls of 6 mm, also called BB’s. These BBs exist in different weights, from 0.20 grams to 0.45 grams. The BB’s are shot at a speed of between 88 and 152 meters per second. Safety is absolutely the most important thing of the sport. Since the BBs have a decent speed, the risk of eye injury, if not the right safety measures are taken, is high. That is why every airsoft player wears special safety glasses. Furthermore, it may be that you get a bump or bruise and in the case of a shot of less than 5 meters this can cause a small wound. Sometimes there is also dental injury, although this happens relatively little.

Airsoft is a sport that is played all over the world, but each country has its own airsoft teams with their own style of clothing, equipment and replicas.



Our replica upgrades

We use Tokyo Marui replicas which are made in Japan, however, Japanese law limits their power output to 0.98 joules, and in the Netherlands that limit is much higher than the Japanese law. In the Netherlands we’re allowed a limit of max 360 FPS (1.21 joules) so most TMs come with about ~ 290 FPS to achieve that higher fps, some upgrades are required.
Maybe you are wondering, where do we do our upgrades? We have our own technician in the team who knows how to upgrade these replicas.

You would say the easiest thing is to replace the spring, but that is not entirely true because TM has very different gearbox compared to many other brands on the market. You’ll have to take the recoil weight into account and the whole replica has to be disassembled before you have access to the gearbox. Once you have the gearbox out and ready, you can remove the 9 screws with a torx 15 screwdriver, please keep in mind that these are held down with loctite.

If you don’t know how to take your replica apart, have a look on YouTube for disassembly video related to your replica brand and model. “Kingdom of Airsoft ” and “eagle 6” also have interesting tutorial videos.


Below are some photos of our own technician shimming, upgrading and cleaning internals.

*More content to come*